Even if you brush and floss your teeth daily, it is still a good idea to have a dental cleaning twice a year.  

A dentist can remove tartar and plaque that has built up over time in your teeth and also polish your teeth enamel for a perfect smile. Dr. Gloria Lopez Bhushan can also look for any other issues in your mouth that may need additional treatment. Make an appointment for you and your family at Glorious Smiles in Flower Mound, TX.

Best Candidates

It is recommended to have a cleaning twice a year. Having a dental cleaning twice a year will help you avoid cavities by removing built-up plaque and also help you avoid spending money on more expensive treatments down the road.  

Babies should have a visit to the dentist before they turn one, and following that, Dr. Lopez Bhushan can help you decide when your child is old enough for their next appointment.

A professional dental cleaning will also help to remove stains and tartar from your teeth. If you would like to freshen your breath, have a brighter smile, improve your oral health, and avoid spending money on more expensive treatments later down the line, make an appointment for a professional cleaning for your whole family at our Flower Mound, TX location.

What to Expect

Your dental cleaning will start by addressing the tartar and plaque deposits on your enamel, which is hard to remove at home with just daily brushing and flossing. Dental tools are used to remove buildup without affecting the enamel. Every tooth will be scaled to remove all of the buildup. After your teeth are cleaned, your enamel will be polished to strengthen it and remove stains.


Dr. Lopez Bhushan may recommend cleanings more frequently if you have other oral health issues. Throughout your treatment, Dr. Lopez Bhushan will help you come up with a home routine by recommending dental products and techniques that will help you keep your teeth healthy. Learning and performing these techniques are advantageous for your teeth, wallet, and overall health.

Insurance Coverage

A professional cleaning is typically covered by insurance. A member of our office can speak to your dental insurance to understand your coverage before we bill for any remaining amount. Glorious Smiles in Flower Mound, TX  also accepts Chip and Medicaid (Under 21).

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