Dental Crowns


Dental crowns, sometimes called a “tooth cap,” cover the area of your tooth that has been damaged by decay, cracking, or discoloration.

Crowns vary in material including metal, porcelain, and metal covered with porcelain. Crowns are matched to blend in with your teeth, so it looks natural.

Best Candidates

There are different situations where a crown is recommended by Dr. Lopez Bhushan. Below are a few different situations:

  • Cover a weak decaying tooth to prevent it from additional chipping

  • Hold together a cracked tooth

  • Fix loose or worn-down tooth

  • Severely decayed tooth (where a typical filling won’t work)

Crowns can be glued over your tooth or connected by an implant. Different material is used for the crown depending on it’s location in your mouth. For front teeth that are visible, typically ceramic or porcelain crowns are used. This material is better since it can be sculpted to match the color and shape of your teeth. For teeth in the back of your mouth, metal crowns tend to be used more because they are stronger. Dr. Lopez Bhushan will ensure you select the right dental crowns for your situation.

What to Expect

Dr. Lopez Bhushan will take a dental impression so your crown can be made in the lab. Depending on how damaged your tooth is, you might get a temporary dental crown while your permanent crown is being made. Once the crown is ready, Dr. Lopez Bhushan will schedule an appointment with you so your crown can be permanently cemented to the tooth and adjust it accordingly so there is no interference when you bite down.


In most cases, you should be able to leave the Glorious Smiles office after the procedure has been completed. Dr. Lopez Bhushan will also let you know how to take care of your crown, including some foods that should be avoided. Typically dental crowns can last for many years, however, there are occasions when it can fall out or become loose. If that happens, please call our office right away and we will take care of you. It’s also best that during your annual exams at Glorious Smiles in Flower Mound, TX that Dr. Lopez Bhushan inspect your crown to make sure it’s still comfortable (she can adjust it if needed).

Insurance Coverage

It’s possible that a portion of the costs of a dental crown will be covered by insurance. Glorious Smiles will talk to your insurance provider to understand your out-of-pocket costs.

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