Philips Zoom! Real People, Real Whitening Results

Speaker 1: My wife absolutely loves my new smile. She's wanting to do more family photos now. I would never in a million years expect it to be this dramatic of a change in my teeth, so I would highly recommend it.

Speaker 1: I chewed tobacco from college, and definitely drank too many soft drinks, and was not making the healthiest choices. My dentist recommended WhiteSpeed for the most dramatic change for me. They put the gel on my teeth and used a light, four different sessions. From there, I took two weeks of take-home, where every night I would use the trays from my impressions and put the gel in, and I had to go to sleep with them on my teeth and wake up. After the WhiteSpeed, she brought down a mirror. I honestly couldn't pull out my phone fast enough to take a picture. It's just made me more confident. I feel I can talk to anybody and not feel like I need to cover my mouth. I'm definitely finding myself smiling a lot more than than I did in the past.

CosmeticMaggie Kennedy