Root Canals


A root canal is when tooth decay spreads beyond the outer tooth and affects the inner portion of the tooth. Root canal treatment at Glorious Smiles in Flower Mound, TX removes the damaged pulp from the tooth, cleans the canals of the roots, sanitizes the cavity, and then fills or seals the affected tooth.

Dr. Gloria Lopez Bhushan may recommend a root canal procedure because it will treat the infection that has developed inside of the tooth chamber and keeps the decay from moving on to other teeth.

Though root canals are common, some patients might avoid getting treated because root canals have a reputation for being painful. Dr. Gloria Lopez Bhushan will make her best effort to help you feel at ease, providing nitrous oxide to treat any fear and anxiety you may have.

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An infection that reaches the inner portion of your tooth can be the result of a cavity, a deep crack in the tooth, or a physical injury. If you are experiencing signs of a tooth infection, you will have symptoms like tooth pain, jaw pain, swollen and discolored gums, and discoloration of the affected tooth. The longer you postpone the infection, the more likely it will spread, causing more pain.

What to Expect

Prior to the treatment, Dr. Lopez Bhushan will determine if you would like nitrous oxide for the root canal. Dr. Lopez Bhushan will examine the innermost part of your tooth and extract the decayed pulp. Afterward, the inner chamber will be carefully cleaned to eliminate leftover blood and debris. To finalize the therapy, the tooth is filled with a dental filler to seal and protect it from saliva, debris, and further decay.


Most patients have a tender or swollen mouth a few days after the procedure. These are normal symptoms and Dr. Lopez Bhushan can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics. Dr. Lopez Bhushan will want to see you for a post-procedure visit in a few weeks to make the infection has been removed completely.

Insurance Coverage

Prior to having a root canal, Dr. Lopez Bhushan will give you the estimated cost for this treatment.  If you have dental Insurance, we will call your insurance company to find out how much they will cover for the treatment. If you do not have dental insurance, Glorious Smiles in Flower Mound, TX takes several payment methods and may be able to assist you in locating medical financing options.

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